Couple of calls for work…

Happy New Year! One of my goals this year is to post many more calls for work that pop up in and out of Rochester. Here’s a start, with a call from Equal=Grounds coffee house on South Ave:

Click to enlarge!

Also, The Shoe Factory Art Co-op has put out this call for work, for their Valentine’s Day show, entitled “Hearts and Daggers: A Rochester Love Story.”

That’s it for now, but expect a poke with your First Friday preview before noon today – FF is this Friday! Peace, babies.

3 Responses to “Couple of calls for work…”

  1. Sam Izdat Says:

    Is that fee structure normal for juried shows? I am completely naive.

  2. Sam Izdat Says:

    Urk…I mean for the Shoe Factory one. $15 submission, 25% commission.

    • Misread your question before…apologies.
      This fee structure seems low, actually. Many submission fees are $25, some higher. Commission varies greatly, depending on the place, but can reach as high as 40-50% in upscale galleries where they do a lot of marketing for the artists.

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