PARK(ing) DAY Photos

Here are some images, provided by the talented Sarah Rutherford and others, of our PARK(ing) DAY endeavor. From about 6:30 a.m. to well after 10 p.m., and with the help of Felix Caruthers and many lovely friends, we constructed (and kept adding to) the reclaimed parking spaces, using found and collected objects (we’re all packrats), artwork that Sarah brought and/or made for the day, as well as random junk that we turned into a playground with a fort, sandbox, kites, birds, origami objects…

In the end we deemed it a gypsy street camp, which you’ll be able to detect in these photos.

Many people stopped by to ask what the hell we were doing, others contributed. Special thanks to Mike Calabrese and Java’s for the lunch and bottomless coffee. We needed it. You guys rule.

Next year I’d like to see the project expand, with more people altering the spaces all over this town. We’ll have to start planning earlier in the month. Interested? Join the Rochester Art Front on Facebook, subscribe to this blog’s email list, and keep in touch.

(Most of) our parameters.


Sarah checks out the progress.


An example of Sarah's lovely pigeons, constructed of cardboard & paint.


Impromptu musicians carried us into the evening.

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